LARGE Bioactive Microfauna Clean Up Crew / Feeders Dwarf Isopods & Tropical Springtails Charcoal Vivarium Terrarium Enclosure


This is an excellent addition to your vivarium, terrarium or any bioactive enclosure setup. You can also use these critters as feeders for your lizards or frogs and such.

All my springtails and isopods are cultured here at my shop and are 100% free of any chemicals, pesticides or anything else to harm your animals or bioactive setup.

** 2 Large 20oz. containers with tropical white springtails.
** Charcoal
** 40 Dwarf white isopods
Dwark whites are burrowers and will be less likly to get eaten by your critters.

Perfect for your larger setups up to around 50 gallons or so.