Bioactive Microfauna 1 Gallon Bag With Moss Lichens plants Along with 8 oz Tropical Pink Springtails Terrarium Vivarium Enclosure


1 Gallon bag containing bioactive material collected here in the Appalachian Mountains Of Tennessee. You also get 8 oz. container of tropical pink springtails. A spectacular addition to any bioactive setup, enclosure, terrarium & vivariums.

** Moss -- Up to 4 variety
** Lichens -- Up to 2 variety
** Plants -- Variaety according to whats available
** 8 oz. Culture of tropical pink springtails

All my items are free of any and all contaminants, chemicals, pesticides, and HUMANS! :D My mosses, lichens, plants and critters are never bought from an outside source but come to you fresh and never preserved. Because of the freshness of my living items, you can expect some dirt & debris since it is coming right from mother earth. I have taken a considerable amount of time picking out pine, leaves and such but I am sure you will still find some left.

All my live (**) items are harvested from my private 100+ acre land here in the Appalachian mountains in Tennesse which borders The Great Smoky Mountains. Everything harvested is done in the most responsible, sustainable way as the mountains mean more to me than you could ever imagine.

After you make the purchase, I head straight out to collect your items. According to whats available and growing at the time, yours could look different from the pictures. All moss, plants and critters are untreated all-natural, shipped directly to you.

** Isopods, springtails, snails and select other critters are cultured and not field collected.


Townsend, Tennessee
The Great Smoky Mountains