1,000x Duckweed Lemnoideae Live Aquatic Floating Aquarium Pond Plants Food


Do not purchase if your delivery temperature is under 40 or Over 83. The Plants will freeze, cook and die.

You get 1,000 individual plants give or take.
(Plants are VERY small and the order won't look like what you think 1,000 should.)

Comes from a tank with snails & frogbit which may come along with your order but I take a considerable amount of time to ensure this doesn't happen. BUT IT COULD!

For sale are indoor tank-raised live duckweed. They are floating aquatic plants that are easy to grow and no fertilizers are required.

Duckweed is a very small light green free-floating plant used for:
-- water nutrition/oxygen
-- Water filtration
-- Hiding for micro-inverts & fry fish
-- Provides food
-- Helps with water evaporation

This plant has the ability to reproduce rapidly & can double in just 16 hours - 2 days, depending on its growing environment.

Their light requirements are pretty flexible. I have tried incandescence bulb, LED light bulb and fluorescent tube. All prove to be okay.