Ships free LARGE Great Smoky Mountains Appalachian Plant Terrarium Starter Kit Moss Lichen Plant Sand Charcoal Substrate Mesh Pebbles


This is my custom vivarium terrarium kit with everything you need to make your very own except the container. All my moss, plants, lichens and floor litter native to the Appalachian Mountains / The Great Smoky Mountains from an organic and renewable source.

My kit does not come with the container as they are so easily obtained from yard sales, estate sales and second-hand stores for next to nothing. Adding a glass container would just add to the weight of your package considerably and raise the shipping rate. I have no doubt you have a container in your home right now that would work perfectly. (Images are used as an example of what your new vivarium will look like)

This amazing kit includes enough material to build a vivarium/terrarium to fill a 60oz container.

Kit comes with the following but trippled in size & content: (No container/enclosure)

** Living moss
** Living plants
** Living lichens
** Leaves
** Sticks
** Pebbles
** Sand
** Charcoal
** Mesh screen
** Substrate (Soil)
** LIVING clean-up crew (Springtails, isopods or both) incorporated into the substrate.
** Directions

Once completed and sealed, your terrarium/vivarium will last for years with little to no maintenance. You are basically building a little sustainable eco-system! HOW COOL IS THAT!?

Townsend, Tennessee
The Great Smoky Mountains