1x Springtail Culture Enclosure Food Complete Kit Just Add Your Critters SHIPS FREE


In this kit is everything you need to start your springtail culture. Just add springtails.


** 1x Enclosure 5 1/2"x4"x4"
** 100% all natural hardwood coal
** Springtail food


After many years of different blends of food, I am confident this blend is the absolute best that you will find on the market. I only pick the very best ingredients that are 100% all natural & 100% organic. My babies LOVE and gobble up every scrap of this stuff.

This is my own premium, very special house blend of springtail gutload food formula. Absolutely loaded with protein, calcium & important vitamins. This blend is proven to boost reproduction and extend longevity for all your colonies. My powder blend gives all your little babies the nutrient-rich stuff they need and crave to live long active lives and boost reproduction.

INGREDIENTS: Whole grain brown rice, brewers yeast, Smoky Mountain bee pollen, fungus variety, spirulina, calcium and vitamins.

FEEDING DIRECTIONS: Take a very small pinch of food and sprinkle over the colony. Do this every other day. If you notice food left over after 2 days, feed every 3 days. If you notice food is completely gone after 2 days, give 2 pinches every other day.


Add to coal-filled enclosure with around one inch of dechlorinated water. Make sure all the coal get saturated wet. Add springtails.
Uncap the enclosure around every other day to let it ait out. I keep mine open around 30 minutes. Keep in a warm dark location. THATS IT!