9 oz. All Natural 100% Organic Gutload Springtail Food Boost Culture’s Yield & Reproduction Loaded With Protein, Calcium And Vitamins


Packed 9 oz. baggie enough to feed your personal culture for several months

All plant based, natural ingredients
- Includes vitamins, minerals as well as known superfoods for your cleanup crews
- This amazing formulate is a balanced and potent custodian food
- Contains Calcium and spirulina to maximize nutrition

After many years of different blends of food, I am confident this blend is the absolute best that you will find on the market. I only pick the very best ingredients that are 100% all natural & 100% organic. My babies LOVE and gobble up every scrap of this stuff.

This is my own premium, very special house blend of springtail gutload food formula. Absolutely loaded with protein, calcium & important vitamins. This blend is proven to boost reproduction and extend longevity for all your cultures. My powder blend gives all your little babies the nutrient-rich stuff they need and crave to live long active lives and boost reproduction.

INGREDIENTS: Whole grain brown rice, spirulina, brewers yeast, Smoky Mountain bee pollen, fungus variety, spirulina, calcium and vitamins.

DIRECTIONS: Take a very small pinch of food and sprinkle over the colony. Do this every other day. If you notice food left over after 2 days, feed every 3 days. If you notice food is completely gone after 2 days, give 2 pinches every other day.


Townsend, Tennessee
The Great Smoky Mountains