2 lbs 100% Eco-Friendly Organic Chemical Free Pesticide Free Additive Free Substrate For Your Isopods


This is the very best, and my special house blend, of isopod substrate that is available on the market today. I have spent years experimenting with different substrates and blends of different materials. The substrate I offer is the mother of all substrates and beats anything I have ever used & anything available on the market. It is 100% Eco-friendly, organic material that is completely earth AND critter friendly. It is free of all chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and all additives.

This special isopod blend is the perfect substrate and food source for your little rollie pollies! This 2 pound supply will house and feed your little darlings for literally months.


** Peat
** Soil
** Sphagnum moss
** Sand
** Coco core
** Small rock / pebbles
** Local, hand-collected Smoky Mountain floor & leaf litter
** Local, hand-collected Smoky Mountain bee pollen
** Meal worm frass from my personal colony
** Vermiculite


Place substrate in a container and add enough water to get everything soaked. Grab a handful of the wet material and squeeze as much excess water as possible. This will be your perfect consistency.

Townsend, Tennessee
The Great Smoky Mountains