2x Isopod Or Springtail Culture Enclosure Complete Kit Just Add Your Critters


What you get is 2x complete kits for your isopods or springtails.


** 2x Containers
** 2x Pieces of cardboard
** Substrate (Ingredient listed below)
** 1x Bag of Sphagnum moss
** 1x Bag of charcoal
** 1x Bag of pebbles

Kits are loaded with food to last a few months but it is always a good idea to add your own snacks from time to time for nutrician and hydration.

Add extra sphagnum moss, pebbles or charcoal to meet the specific needs of your critters.

** Peat
** Soil
** Sphagnum moss
** Sand
** Coco core
** Local, hand-collected Smoky Mountain floor & leaf litter
** Local, Smoky Mountain bee pollen
** Mealworm frass from my personal colony
** Vermiculite

This is the very best, and my special house blend, of isopod / Springtail substrate that is available on the market today. I have spent years experimenting with different substrates and blends of different materials. The substrate I offer is the mother of all substrates and beats anything I have ever used & anything available on the market. It is 100% Eco-friendly, organic material that is completely earth AND critter friendly. It is free of all chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and all additives.

Place substrate in a container and add enough water to get everything soaked. Grab a handful of the wet material and squeeze as much excess water as possible. This will be your perfect consistency.


Townsend, Tennessee
The Great Smoky Mountains