Large Amount 100% Organic Substrate Tarantula Amphibian Insect Invertebrate Vivarium


This is the very best, and our special house blend, of substrate that is available on the market today. We have spent years experimenting with different substrates and blends of different materials. The substrate we offer is the mother of all substrates and beats anything we have ever used & anything available on the market. It is 100% Eco-friendly, organic material that is completely earth AND critter friendly. It is free of all chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and all additives.

Just that sweet stuff right from our Mother Earth

The substrate will arrive in medium Priority Mail box. We loose pack the box and compress it down. Meaning, we do not place in a plastic bag first. This maximizes the amount we can get into the box. Typically it weighs just around 10 pounds. Also, we do not send substrate that is already wet which adds to the amount you get.

Packs down well.
Holds beautiful burrows for all your critters.
Encourages burrowing behaviour from your terrestrials.
Absorbs water well for species that require humidity.
Retains moisture to create a perfect humid environment.
Suitable for a wide variety of invertebrates, tarantulas, true spiders, amphibians, reptiles and insects originating from humid environments.
When used correctly, it doesn't get soaking wet nor would it stay that way. (You must have proper ventilation)
Perfect for both terrestrial or an arboreal species.
This blend is the best substrate to mimic the natural environment of your pet.
Enhances the appearance of decorated terrariums and vivariums.
Gorgeous rich dark color with small specks of white and tan. Very attractive anywhere you use it.
4 Unique ingredients to give you the best substrate you have ever used. This is our secret house blend that we have perfected and used successfully for the past 5 years. Not one of our critters have passed away or had any issues. We waited this many years for the release to make 100% sure it was safe for our and especially your babies.
We try very hard to remove twigs and such that can be harmfull to your babies BUT PLEASE go through it yourself as we can't get them all.


Place substrate in a container and add enough water to get everything soaked. Grab a handful of the wet material and squeeze as much excess water as possible. This is the perfect consistency for moisture and to hold for burrows.

Townsend, Tennessee
The Great Smoky Mountains